Coworking Saint Lazare: A New Chapter at Hôtel Le 12

Just a stone's throw from the vibrant Gare Saint Lazare, Hôtel Le 12 reinvents the coworking space for creative minds and discerning professionals. This exceptional venue, in the heart of Paris 8, is the perfect symbiosis of comfort, style and functionality.

A refined and inspiring workspace

Hôtel Le 12, located in the heart of Paris 8, offers an exemplary workspace, brilliantly combining comfort, style and functionality. Every detail, from the subdued light of the stained glass windows to the carefully selected furnishings, creates an atmosphere that stimulates productivity while providing a sense of calm, making our hotel the ideal location for those looking for a place to telework in Paris 8.

Free Coworking in Paris, a reality at Hôtel Le 12

Innovating with its free coworking offer in Paris, Hôtel Le 12 is committed to providing an accessible, upscale space. After breakfast, the buffet area transforms into a coworking haven where tea and coffee flow freely, accompanied by drinks and snacks to energize your working day.

Business Stay in Paris: Productivity and Relaxation Guaranteed

Enjoy a business stay in Paris that rhymes with efficiency and relaxation, a promise of our commitment to modern professionals. At Hôtel Le 12, business stays are synonymous with productivity and relaxation, with all the amenities needed for productive work and well-deserved relaxation.

At the crossroads: Hôtel Gare Saint Lazare

Hôtel Le 12's prime location makes it the ideal choice for business travelers. Just a stone's throw from Gare Saint Lazare, our establishment is the meeting point for professionals who want to combine efficiency and elegance in Paris 8.

Coworking in Paris 8: the Hôtel Le 12 Experience

Hôtel Le 12 is more than a hotel, it's a destination. A place where coworking in Paris 8 takes on its full meaning, combining luxury, creativity and made-to-measure services. Join us as we redefine the way you work and create in one of Paris' most dynamic neighborhoods.

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