Welcome to the heart of Coworking in Paris 8, an experience reinvented by Hôtel Le 12

Hôtel Le 12, a four-star jewel in the heart of Paris's prestigious 8th arrondissement, opens its doors to modern professionals with its innovative Tea Time & Co-Working concept. Ideally located near the Gare Saint Lazare train station, this space combines functionality and refinement, offering a shared work experience in the most elegant surroundings.

An inspiring workspace of industrial design

Amid the invigorating murmur of the City of Light, Hôtel Le 12 offers an unrivalled Paris 8 coworking space. The hotel's intimate atmosphere, underscored by industrial chic decor and touches of colorful stained glass, creates a stimulating working environment. This place isn't just a place to telework; it's a source of inspiration, a haven where ideas flourish and projects come to life.

Free Coworking Paris: Elegance meets Flexibility

Hôtel Le 12 breaks with convention by offering free coworking in Paris, a bold initiative that demonstrates its commitment to the teleworker and entrepreneur community. After breakfast, the buffet area transforms into a welcoming tea room, where you can enjoy an exquisite selection of teas and coffees, while making progress on your professional projects.

Séjour Affaires Hôtel Paris: A Perfect Symbiosis of Work and Relaxation

Every business trip is sublimated at the business Stay Hotel Paris. Hôtel Le 12 understands that the balance between work and relaxation is essential. That's why it offers spaces dedicated to both coworking and relaxation, with a range of refined beverages and tailor-made cocktails to enhance your meetings or breaks.

In the heart of Paris: Hôtel Gare Saint Lazare

Hôtel Le 12's proximity to the Hôtel Gare Saint Lazare puts travelers at the heart of the Parisian hustle and bustle. Accessibility is a major advantage for those looking for a central, well-connected coworking venue, enabling spontaneous or planned meetings in a setting that's both professional and inspiring.

Your Address for Distinguished Coworking in Paris 8

Hôtel Le 12 is more than just a hotel; it's a prime destination for coworking in Paris 8. It's a space where professionals can meet, exchange and create in an environment that celebrates beauty and innovation. Our promise is simple: to offer an exceptional working environment, where every detail is designed to enrich your coworking experience.

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