Hotel Le 12, your hotel with sauna in Paris

There are hotels that know, better than others, how to add that little touch that makes you not hesitate to book a room for a stay. The Hotel Le 12, this hotel with sauna in Paris, has understood it well and has some arguments in its favor.

Hotel with sauna in Paris 8

There are not so many hotels in the capital to have their own wellness area, and this service is generally reserved for the most exclusive hotels in the capital. If you are looking for comfort, 4 stars, an accessible hotel and the pleasure of being able to enjoy a wellness area, then Hotel Le 12 is exactly what you are looking for. This hotel with a sauna in Paris has a sauna that is accessible by reservation (due to hygiene protocols) throughout the day. You will take advantage of the dry heat to relax your muscles, release accumulated tension and spend some time together in the sauna. The gym completes the hotel's wellness area with some fitness equipment. This is a hotel with a wellness area in Paris that is both sufficient in infrastructure and very appreciable.

Hotel Le 12, more than a hotel with a sauna in the 8th arrondissement

The hotel Le 12 is not just a sauna and a wellness area. It is first of all a very beautiful establishment in the 8th district. Its personality, entirely reworked by a prestigious interior designer during the 2020/2021 renovation, is inspired by the nearby Gare Saint-Lazare. The establishment's decoration and color codes play on an industrial chic aspect. Each room also has a headboard inspired by the stained glass windows of Parisian churches in terms of shape, lines and colors. There's Paris in every room, and chances are you won't forget a stay in this hotel with sauna in Paris. In addition to their charm, there are also the facilities that make this a must-see establishment in the area: from wi-fi to TV with foreign channels, from Nespresso to office space, from walk-in shower to the top-of-the-line bedding, from the romantic packages to the site's exclusive rate offers, there are plenty of good reasons to book a stay in this hotel with a wellness area.

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